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on the road:
south of marocco

with Carlos Pérez Marín
december 2022

the air is dry. the sky is blue. the sun is high, and the road is endless. his eyes are constantly on the road. the tree is distanced. and the rock is swirling. i am sitting in the car trying to hear the kasbah singing in the vast ochre landscape about the wisdom of the desert and the secret of the oasis. they said the tajine is ready to be served.

fujifilm xpro1, fujinon ebc 35mm/f1.4, fujinon ebc 23mm/f1.4, rolleicord va, pentax espio 105, kodak portra 200/120, ilford 400hp/120, kodak portra 400/135

all photograph © iswanto hartono

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